Original design of turkmen felt rug

16 November 2021

The nations that have preserved the traditions of culture, everyday life and art always have a fertile soil to let professional decorative and applied arts prosper. Over the centuries, people have tried to express their understanding of life, nature and the world in an artistic form through songs, fairy tales, epics, folk festivals, dances and household items.

The ancient techniques of making felt rugs have been preserved until our days in many Turkmen villages. Today, felt rugs remain an integral attribute of daily life of a Turkmen family. Since ancient times, the Turkmen people have called their house a felt house. Felt covered the yurt, protected from the sun, wind and moisture, insulated and adorned the floor and turned the walls into a carpet art gallery. Felt rugs served as blankets for horses and cloaks for shepherds. In the hands of the Turkmen people, wool turned into handmade pictures that deserve to be called masterpieces of decorative and applied arts.

An ethnographer, Candidate of History.