Modern ceramics – reflection of ancient traditions

5 November 2021

The art of ceramics has been known to humankind since time immemorial. Each work is an expression of its era, so it is no coincidence that ceramics is an object of scientific study. In addition, as in carpet weaving, in the art of modern ceramics we can vividly see the traces of art schools of antiquity.

In independent Turkmenistan, the work of Turkmen artists reflects national peculiarities and originality of image of various themes and aspects. Especially interesting are works of women ceramists working in this “masculine” form of art, they attract attention with other images, lines and interpretation of themes. Skilled professional masters, representatives of different generations, pass on their experience to young artists and do not get tired of creating unique works from clay, many of which decorate the museums of Turkmenistan and exhibition galleries of many countries.

a teacher at the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. Photo: the author
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