Independence — the Foundations of Constitutional and Sustainable Development

22 October 2021

The gaining of the state independence of Turkmenistan is a fateful and great historical date. The proclamation of independence has laid the foundation of a democratic, law-based, secular state and the political, economic and cultural development of the country. Therefore, the basic principles of which the norms of the Basic Law follow are set forth in the preamble of the Constitution. These fundamental origins of the adoption of the Constitution include an expression of devotion to the precepts of ancestors to live in unity, peace and harmony and commitment to universal values; the purpose of protecting national values and interests, the strengthening of the independence, sovereignty and the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, recognised by the international community and the guarantee of the rights and freedoms of individual and citizen.

The leader of the Turkmen state emphasises independent Turkmenistan has embarked on major reforms and declared the rule of law, protection of the interests, rights and freedoms of the citizens as the state policy priority. The large-scale systematic work based on these principles and aimed at ensuring stable and dynamic social development and strengthening the unity of the people is being done.

Director of the Institute of State, Law and Democracy of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Law