Key vector of economy

22 October 2021

One of the most important directions of the foreign economic policy of Turkmenistan is attracting investments in various sectors of the national economy and taking measures for their effective development. The rapidly developing economy of Turkmenistan, its favourable geographic location in the Central Asian region, modern transport communications and reliable strategy to attract investments increase the interest in cooperation on the part of world powers.

The investment strategy of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is designed for the long term and is aimed at creating all the necessary conditions for the effective work of investors. In addition, there are all the prerequisites for this: the country’s favourable geographical position, a developed transport network, the presence of rich deposits of natural resources, a high level of development of industrial and social infrastructure, qualified personnel and other factors that allow investors to look far into the future.

the Head at the Department, Directorate of the Study of Commodity Circulation in Internal and External Markets, Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan