Monument constructed from words

20 October 2021

Words from the heart book and poem of our Arkadag called “Turkmen Alabay”: Our ancestor regarded the smell of new born child, fresh bread and start of Novruz equal with the smell of Heaven. I think that the smell of the recently published book of our Arkadag also applies to this statement. As I was reading the book of our President and thought about the smell of new published book. Those feelings, for some reason, reminded me of the moments when I took part in the opening ceremony of alabay dog statue in Ashgabat capital city in 2018. This book is like masterpiece made from words. Contains valuable information about alabay dogs. Aren’t the words only thing that comes from centuries? As mentioned in book alabay is loyal friend of our people that comes from centuries. There wasn’t any book written about “Turkmen Alabay” dogs except book of our Arkadag. This word – is word that Turkmen should introduce to the world! This word – is word that Turkmen leader should share with world! This Word is as new as bread that just emerged from the tamdyr, and as ancient as a thousand-year history of the Turkmen alabay! If we consider the book as a parable, where a person was
surrounded by different creatures from the very beginning of the path, and the dogs showed the greatest solidarity to him, it seems like a unique look at the entire path of the human race in this world. At the same time, this is a legend about the land, the grace of praise of the Esteemed President, which is a worthy continuation of such Turkmen values as Ahalteke horses, Turkmen carpets, and musical art. Yes, during the meeting of Cabinet Ministers in 2019, 13th September our President said that he created poem about alabay dog. We were fortunate enough to be the first listeners of that poem. Writing poem is very sensible thing. Writing poem is the sweetest, the brightest and the manifestation of artistic ability. A poem like “Turkmen alabay” can only be written when those feelings are combined, poem created out of respect and boundless love to nation and admiring its heritage. In this poem history of “alabay dog which weight deserves gold” is showed clearly. Alabay has sensible, caring, loyalty and brave characters that our ancestor preserved and left for us. The fact that alabay dogs embodies such characters, it is without doubt Turkmen’s created it and brought it to the level of art. In every poem, character, qualities and feelings of its creator or writer is represented. In poem: If it needed brave as men It is Turkmen alabay. Our Arkadag says that those lines originated during the military training of the military and law enforcement agencies of the country during the observation of fighting skills of the special force “Turkmen brave” group. Symbol of this group is also Brave alabay. Turkmen alabay act with dignity even in times of hunger and always protects the house and family from dangers. When alabay becomes old, it leaves his owner to not be burden on the owner’s heart, then dies alone in someplace. In natural disaster, alabay helped to cradle baby to survive and rescued. Today with efforts of our Arkadag it turned to international value. Turkmen alabay becoming symbol an international symbol of friendship and loyalty. Thoughts and memories take me to October 11, 2017. Do you remember the day when the Turkmen Leader presented his Russian counterpart  Vladimir Putin with a Turkmen Alabay puppy named Vepaly as a sign of friendly relations? When journalists gathered in Sochi to cover the summit of the CIS heads of state, we were able to witness this moment. When precious words are spoken in the language of national values, it sounds different. The incident sparked interest from the media center. Book translated into three language – English and Russian, it shows increasing global attention to alabay dogs.This book makes us happy, what makes us happier is that our Esteemed President is creative and respects art and history. Let your pencil never stops, our Hero Arkadag.

Kakamyrat Rejebov
Chief editor of “Turkmenistan” newspaper.