Independence is happiness of the turkmen people

17 September 2021

To date, the Turkmen people are proud of their happiness – the epoch when they live a prosperous life. An independent, sovereign state is the dream of our great ancestors! A new golden page was opened 30 years ago. Our people continue the path of freedom, raise the banner of independence, sing the song of happiness, and firmly establish the foundation of a secular, democratic and constitutional state.

Our people have been attaching great importance to humanitarian principles even during different difficult and tumultuous periods of history and nowadays live in a prosperous and happy epoch as an independent state. From the very beginning, Turkmenistan has gained worldwide recognition and has chosen the peace-loving, solidarity, and democratic principles as the main directions of state policy. This policy is warmly supported by all countries of the world. The number of countries extending the hand of friendship to our Motherland and establishing diplomatic relations with Turkmenistan is increasing day by day.

the chief specialist, Social Policy Committee, the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan.