Relying on Ancestors’ Traditions

20 August 2021

In the age of rapid technological changes, the problem of bringing up the younger generation is increasingly being heard all over the world. The works by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov raise the theme of family upbringing. His books, speeches and poems glorify eternal truths: love for the Motherland, father’s home, mother, beauty and wealth of the native land and respect for the traditions and customs of the Turkmen people.

Arkadag says, “The key goal is to instil pride in young people for our glorious past, today’s happy life and bright future. The sacred words ‘Nation and Homeland’, like a kind of hymn, should become the motto of the life of our boys and girls.” Using historical experience, the Hero-Arkadag always meets with the elders during his trips to the regions of the country and discusses with them important issues not only of local life, but also of national importance.

a department editor at the Türkmenistan Sport International Magazine