Turkmen Land Is Full of Talents

20 August 2021

The Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan hosted a creative contest-exhibition held within the framework of state events to mark the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of our Motherland and the motto of the year “Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust”. The organiser of the event was the Ministry of Culture of our country. The main goal of the competition is to popularise and develop the national fine and decorative arts and to preserve its best traditions. Participants in the competition were painters, graphic artists, carpet artists, sculptors, designers (architecture, interior and decor), ceramists and jewellers from all velayats of Turkmenistan.

For several hours, a special atmosphere of contemplating art presentations reigned under the dome of the museum. Craftsmen from each velayat presented their works in six nominations: painting, graphics, sculpture, woven tapestries, design and jewellery. Based on the rich national creative heritage, the contestants in their works told about the centuries-old history of the Turkmen people, reflecting all its diversity. It embodies worldly wisdom and natural beauty, which ensured the durability of folk art.

NT. Photo: Sagit BATALOV