A student of the State University Becomes the Winner of the Talyp Gözeli Title

12 March 2021

The Centre for Public Organisations of our country has been selected as the venue for the final round of the annual inter-university contest entitled “Talyp Gözeli”, which is a joint initiative of Magtymguly Youth Organisation of Turkmenistan, the Women’s Union and the Ministry of Education. Representatives of the higher educational establishments, the winners of its previous stages, who had passed with honour a serious way of the competitive struggle for the cherished title of Student Beauty of the current year, gathered there to take part in the final round.

The contest is known to be primarily based on revealing the important qualities and capabilities that every woman should nurture and develop. After all, virtuously possessing a whole range of skills that help create a cosy home and a special atmosphere of family warmth, girls continue the original traditions bequeathed to them by their mothers and grandmothers. And this is the enchanting beauty of their soul, the beauty that actually defines the leading leitmotif and the tasks of the contest under the traditional name “Talyp Gözeli”, lies in.

Viktoriya NOVIKOVA,
NT. Photo: Sagit ADYGOV