Sunny oasis — Ashgabat

12 March 2021

The Kopetdag Mountains, which were the bottom of the ancient ocean millions of years ago, are adjacent to the Karakum Desert, but there, on thi land, the eternal rivals, mountains and sands, show harmony in relationships. And in the heart of this harmonious union a pearl, sparkling with whiteness, has grown.

Ashgabat is a city dear to our hearts. Love of it does not leave us even when we are apart from it. We grow up, and it grows with us, we become white-haired people, but it turns into a young, tall, like a fantastic mirage, city. Its main streets have been transformed into modern, wide avenues; its buildings, dressed in snow-white marble clothes, have acquired the look of magical palaces; its parks and public gardens, decorated with exotic trees and flowers, have looked like oases, where in the cool shade of the alleys, listening to the crystal ringing of fountains, passers-by can take refuge from the sultry summer sun.

NT. Photo: Hasan MAGADOV