Transport infrastructure development – basis of economy

5 March 2021

In the modern history of the Turkmen people, under the wise, far-sighted and progressive leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, numerous projects, aimed at the rapid, breakthrough growth of the domestic economy and the improvement of the welfare of the country’s population, are being successfully implemented in the country. One of the key conditions for further strengthening the national economic complex and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with foreign countries is the transport system, which acts as a driver of progressive economic development. Prospects of the further transport infrastructure improvement are reflected in the Programme of the socioeconomic development of the country until 2025.

The transport industry is unique, as its development has an impact on every person in every part of the world. The balanced and, at the same time, confident formation of the transport sector is the basis for the growth of all economic sectors and influences the competitiveness of the country’s economy as a whole. Such efficiency opens up numerous opportunities for the segments of the economy, both in terms of expanding the scale of production and connecting industrial sectors with consumers. The transport sector is one of the main segments of the world economy, influencing the stability and balance of international economic relations. As the world experience shows, the growth rates of the efficiency of the economies of states are accompanied by the development of the transport industry. A well-developed economy requires an appropriate transport system. Various modes of transport are an important basis for the concentration and specialisation of production. In addition, an improved transport infrastructure helps expand trade both domestically and internationally.

a teacher at the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Finance