Koytendag – the Land of the unique beauty and sound Health

27 February 2021

Turkmenistan is a country extremely rich in historical, cultural and natural monuments. One of the most beautiful places in our country is the Koytendag region, which attracts travelers and leisure lovers with its magnificent sites and extraordinary natural beauty. This fabulously beautiful corner of our country is known all over the world for its mysterious grottoes and caves, majestic gorges, water cascades sparkling in the sun, amazing waterfalls and healing mountain lakes, as well as unique fauna and flora. Getting into any of the gorges, lakes and caves, one can find himself in the fantastic world filled with unique beauty peculiar only to the Koytendag mountains.

The caves of the Koytendag mountains, also known as Garlyk caves, including Khashimoyuk, Gulshirin, Aralik, Kepderkhana, Kapkotan, Dashyurek are very popular among tourists. These caves are famous all over the world and a visit to them leaves an unforgettable experience. As invaluable natural attractions, the Garlyk Caves are considered worthy of being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The underground caves of the Koytendag literally resemble the magnificent and unique palaces of the underworld. The beautiful halls, beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, are rich in beautiful forms, like in fairy tales. When light falls on magical halls covered with eternal darkness, amazing beauty arises before our eyes. It's almost impossible to describe this beauty in words. You are amazed at the wonderful master who created it - nature. The beautiful halls of the Gulshirin cave are a vivid example of this. The cave, stretching for several kilometers, impresses with its magnificence, because here you can see several beautiful underground halls up to 50 meters high. Among others, Kapkotan is the longest karst cave in the world, and Hashimoyuk is one of the most famous caves. Many historians are sure that marble onyx was taken from this cave to decorate the tomb of Amir Timur. Hashimoyuk is protected by UNESCO as a unique natural and geological monument.

Teacher of Seyitnazar Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute.