Turkmen national dish: Unash

26 February 2021

Traditionally, unash, one of the popular Turkmen national dishes is a noodle soup which is made of thin Turkmen macaroni. It is a good meal for digestion and its preparation is simple, and moreover, it is often cooked in our homes because it is loved by adults and children too. Among our people, different types of unash are prepared, such as flavored unash, unflavored unash, unash with beans. Chicken soup is a good digestive, appetizing, relieving pneumonia in the lungs, improving the condition of the bones, connective tissues and having a positive effect on the nervous system and strengthening the body's resistance to various diseases. Today, different types of unash products are also produced in industrial enterprises of the country. Among Turkmens, if someone says «I’m cold» or «I have caught a cold», it is immediately said: «Have unash with pepper, and sleep for awhile. You will recover from your disease immediately».

There is no Turkmen woman who cannot cook unash with medicinal effect which has been known since ancient times. The unanimity of our parents in mastering the Turkmen cuisine is not only at the level of taste, but also as a unique remedy for the flu, cold, and fatigue. When this dish is cooked, its dough is first made only with water and salt, and sometimes with a single egg. The reason for adding enough salt to the dough is that it has a positive effect on its melting when it is thrown into the hot soup. The nutritional value of flour depends on the composition of the products added to it while cooking. The amount of vitamin C in red pepper added to flour is higher than that of citrus fruits. Pepper contains essential oils, vitamins B1, B2, C, P, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, sugar, nitrogenous substances, lycopene. Peanuts are also high in vitamin. Unash warms the body and quenches hunger. In winter, it is more beneficial to eat unash, which has been widely used among our people since ancient times with its dietary properties, in order to increase the body's resistance to various diseases, especially colds.