Based on Constructive Development

12 February 2021

The results of the meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan with the delegation of the Political Office of the Taliban Movement, held in Ashgabat on February 6, caused great public, political and international resonance. They once again confirm the indisputable fact that the basis for the strengthening and further development of the modern architecture of international relations is nothing more than peace and trust.

The history of relations between two neighbouring peoples, united by common traditions, customs, culture and spiritual and moral values, is known to take its origins from the depths of centuries. Being a neutral state, Turkmenistan has been actively pursuing a policy of peace and open doors for nearly thirty years, aimed at cooperation with neighbouring countries, both in the interests of the region and entire humanity. At the same time, our country is a supporter of ensuring peace, security and sustainable development in Afghanistan, initiating an exclusively peaceful resolution of intra-Afghan problems on the basis of political means and a broad national dialogue.

Jumanazar KARAJAYEV,
a political scientist