Peace, trust, responsibility

5 February 2021

In the context of globalisation, which covers not only the economy, but also the political, cultural, educational, information and communication spheres, the issues of trust and responsibility for the peaceful coexistence of states and peoples have acquired a worldwide character. As the practice of international relations shows, first of all, it is mistrust that gives rise to instability and uncertainty in many situations, the consequences of which can affect all aspects of the life of countries and peoples. In this regard, a state policy based on universal trust, openness and responsibility becomes significant. In this, the International Year of Peace and Trust has an important role to play.

This initiative is known to have come from our country. And Turkmenistan has all the authority to do this, since it is recognised by the world community as an active supporter of peace, security and sustainable development. This is eloquently confirmed by such facts as non-alignment with any political, economic or military alliances and blocs. But at the same time, Turkmenistan, being a member of international and regional organisations, is successfully building relations both in bilateral and multilateral formats.

an Associate Professor at Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages