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On the path to long-term goals

The meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan on February 11 has become a significant event in the life of our country and society. The meeting focused on the progress made in previous years and set specific goals for the next three decades. To date, excellent opportunities are created for researchers to improve their skills and to establish cooperation with the world's largest scientific and educational centres. Outstanding results are achieved in educating physically and mentally healthy and intelligent younger generations.

Years of sports success

The successful year 2021 has been rich in memorable events in the history of the Turkmen sport. A number of events, sports tournaments and different championships were held in accordance with the relevant programmes for the development of the sports system that year. A number of initiatives have been launched to promote the principles of a healthy lifestyle and to inspire the younger generations to grow up to be physically and mentally healthy people.

Ashgabat is the pearl of Asia

Our white marble capital has become one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the eyes of the international community thanks to the historic transformations in the epoch of might and happiness. The concern of the President of Turkmenistan has resulted in the fact that our magnificent capital is becoming more and more beautiful, one of the favourite cities of foreign visitors and a model city of the world. The Turkmen leader gave instructions on attracting students to the work conducted in the capital, including in the Ashgabat City project, and on taking advantage of their experience. This fact encourages the young people to contribute to the architectural image of the capital.

Young people earn the trust

In the epoch of might and happiness, the President of Turkmenistan defines the youth affairs as a priority of the state policy. Excellent opportunities are created in our country for young people to live a happy life, to grow up to be well-educated, physically and mentally healthy, intelligent people. Special attention is paid to the well-being of the younger generations and to the modernity of their education. This fact instils great joy in the hearts of young people in our country and inspires them to make new achievements. At the meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen leader noted that the youth are our future. Excellent opportunities are created for them. Taking advantage of these opportunities, new generations of young people who grew up in the years of independence and aware of the world's best practices in their fields have been formed. All the necessary conditions are created in our country for young people to work with dignity in key positions. In this context, the instructions and personal example of the President of Turkmenistan, who has an outstanding career and rich life experience, are exemplary to the Turkmen youth. The Turkmen people are proud and supportive of the initiative to entrust young leaders who can fulfil their responsibilities with confidence in state affairs, and to help them reach their potential. This initia

Sports diplomacy of Turkmenistan: a reliable method of strengthening peace

Development of physical education and sport in Turkmenistan ensures a healthy life of people, education of multiple personalities, preventing and combating harmful habits. To date, one of the main reasons for the development of the global sports system is that it is the driving force to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Physical education and sport contribute to the realization of human potential, to the fulfilment of the tasks in the health care system, to the creation of the necessary conditions for the harmonious physical and spiritual development of people. In this context, the efforts of the world community are aimed at making sports accessible and popular.

The Turkmen horses are our pride

The deep respect of the Turkmen leader for the Ahalteke horses, which are our national pride, enhances the international prestige and glory of the Turkmen horses. Thus, the significant work in this sphere yields positive results. Along with other educational institutions, Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov prepares young specialists in the field of horse breeding. The students, who study horse breeding, preserve the purity of the Turkmen horses, enhance their international glory, and cherish the characteristics of Ahalteke horses to promote the rapid development of the sphere. The young people, who study horse breeding in our institution of higher education, work hard, do their best, and demonstrate their passion for the profession. Our specialists, professors and lecturers, who have dedicated their lives to this field, do not spare their efforts to achieve the best results. Thus, a new generation of skilful equestrians and horse breeders is being formed.

A source of happy life

Great work is underway in Turkmenistan to protect human health, which is the most valuable asset of the country and society, to improve the health of our compatriots, and to prevent diseases. This fact is fully confirmed by the successful implementation of the Saglyk State Programme and by the quality of facilities and public medical services. The President of Turkmenistan contributes to the improvement of the national healthcare system based on the world’s best practices. The International Burn Centre and the Aesthetic Centre in Ashgabat, the Bagabat Sanatorium in Ak Bugday Etrap, and the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Yzgant, Gokdepe Etrap, Ahal Velayat, as well as other medical institutions in Velayats, were opened and put into operation in recent years. To date, the active construction of such facilities indicates that the infrastructure of national healthcare system is developed. These facilities provide high-quality medical services to our people through the use of the most advanced methods in the health protection, in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

A pearl of world architecture

The President of Turkmenistan took part in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Smart City project in the north of the Turkmen capital, which became a model city in beauty, health, and sports and a model capital in architecture. This fact indicates that Ashgabat will become a pearl of world architecture in the future. Being created thanks to the wisdom of the President of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat City will represent a ‘city into city’. According to the main plan, the project will include over 200 high-rise, namely, 12-35-storey buildings on the territory of the complex. The heads of those buildings, as they say, will touch the sky. On January 19, 2022, held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’, the Turkmen leader visited the northern part of the white marble capital to get acquainted with issues related to the construction of the large residential complex – Ashgabat City. That was one of the most important events in the life of our prosperous city. The President of Turkmenistan got acquainted with the projects and drawings of the different purpose objects’ placement. The Turkmen leader emphasized that these projects are launched for the urban population of the country to meet the high standard of living and to realize of our country's motto ‘the State is for the People!’. This fact indicated that the state pursues efforts to ensure the best living conditions

The national pride of the people

Our people have always had deep respect for the national values and heritage of ancestors. As is known, this respect has been enhanced in the epoch of might and happiness. Impressive work is underway to preserve and promote our national values under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, and to create wonderful conditions for the selecting and breeding of thoroughbred Turkmen alabays. The Türkmen alabaý itleri Association was established on May 7, 2020 on the initiative and thanks to support of the Turkmen leader. This fact demonstrated great state concern for the alabays, which represent an example of courage, faithfulness and bravery, and for the traditions of the national school of dog breeding, selecting and raising to be passed down to the future generations.

Global recognition of noble art

Outstanding events in the life of our country inspire the Turkmen people to achieve new victories and heights in the epoch of might and happiness. Large-scale work is underway to develop all sectors of economy, to ensure a happy, prosperous life for our people, and to enhance the international prestige of our Motherland under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. Our compatriots are proud that the national values, arts and crafts inherited from our ancestors have won international recognition.

Wellness is happiness

Physical education and sport have become a favourite pastime of our compatriots, especially the younger generation in the epoch of might and happiness. Great importance is attached to the construction of modern sports facilities, to the preparation of skilful specialists and athletes, and to the promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among young people thanks to the concern of the Turkmen leader along with the development of all spheres in our Motherland. To date, the institutions of higher education of Turkmenistan pay special attention to physical education and sport as an integral part of the training of physically and mentally healthy, purposeful, determined young people. Special sports groups function in all national institutions of higher education, including in Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management. Students are particularly interested in the futsal, basketball, and volleyball groups. In this context, the Hazyna sports clubs of our Institute perform successfully in the competitions for the institutions of higher education.

The key to a healthy life

Every year in the epoch of might and happiness is notable for unforgettable pleasant moments for our people and for rapid development under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. The great work inspired by noble goals, namely, the development of mass physical culture, sport, and the promotion of principles of a healthy lifestyle in our society, are underway in the year held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’, as well as in every glorious year in the epoch of might and happiness. Thus, physical education and sport represent the key to health and well-being, and have great importance in strengthening peace, friendship and unity in the world.

Health and tennis

People have been playing the sport of tennis for centuries. Tennis is one of the healthiest sports for adults and children. Tennis greatly contributes to the strengthening of health, spiritual potential, and to the harmonious development of the human body and self-discipline. The beneficial effects of tennis on the human body are enormous. It greatly contributes to the smooth functioning of the heart system, to adequate ventilation of the respiratory system and normalizes all body motions. As well as other physical exercises, tennis increases and strengthens the immunity of the human body, improves speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. Tennis expands the mental worldview of people. The tennis player’s body develops in harmony. Regular exercises reduce fat and carbohydrates in the human body. It should be noted that tennis makes a significant contribution to the mental and physical education of children, to their harmonious development, and to the decision-making skills.

An outstanding development

The new year, held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’, has started a new era of high labour success, sustainable and great developments. The motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’ inspires our compatriots to make great achievements in the future. This fact is a symbol of sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan. Our people have boundless respect, pride and confidence in the Turkmen leader for the concern for a happy and prosperous life and a bright future. The sports system of our beloved Motherland has reached new heights under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. The development of sport is reflected in the worthy contribution of our youth to the international prestige of our country. The national achievements have attracted the younger generations to sports. A number of world-class sports schools and large sports complexes have been built and put into operation in the cities and villages of our beloved Motherland in recent years. Turkmenistan attaches great importance to mastering the best world practices and to using the national experience in sports education. In our independent, permanently neutral Motherland, great attention is paid to the development and promotion of youth policy, education, and sport. Effective work is underway to increase the quality of the education system and to improve the professional skills of athl

Our national pride

The sayings related to heritage and happiness, namely, ‘horse is heritage’, ‘dog comes with happiness’, ‘dog is happiness’, prove that the Turkmen people saw their heritage and happiness in horses and alabays. The origin, bravery, sensitivity, courage, wisdom of alabays, which are considered loyal friends and companions, as well as many historical facts prove that these dogs are very ancient and faithful. These facts are reflected in historical sources and provoke love of the Turkmen youth. Archaeological findings on the territory of Turkmenistan, namely, in Altyndepe, Gonurdepe, Nisa, and Dandanakan (60 km from Ancient Merv), confirm that alabay is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. To date, impressive work is underway to cherish the values of the Turkmen people that have been perfected for millennia and to pass them down to the future generations thanks to the concern of the President of Turkmenistan in the epoch of might and happiness.

Digital system and sport

Physical education and sports contribute to a healthy society. Physical exercises are an important part of a person's life at any age. They have a profound effect on the physical development of children and adolescents and prepare young athletes for professional sports. Success in sports instils self-confidence, increases the resistance to physical and mental load and prevents rapid aging. The potential of digital system at the times when science and technologies make great strides enhances the importance of multilateral transformations. This fact is reflected in the development of sport. To date, experts have excellent opportunities to check the advantages and disadvantages of any physical activity, its effect on the muscles, and the ability to use it in practice. Moreover, it is possible to take very effective steps in finding the opportunities of body according to the characteristics of any sport. This fact demonstrates that the opportunities and conditions in sport have increased significantly thanks to the introduction of the digital system.

Success of the Olympic movement

The Turkmen athletes successfully perform at international events and demonstrate high results thanks to the concern of the President of Turkmenistan. The participation and achievements of our athletes in the world's largest sports competitions and the high prestige of our country on the international sports arena indicate the special attention attached to the development of mass physical culture and the Olympic movement in our independent, permanently neutral Motherland. To date, our outstanding athletes cherish the noble traditions of the Turkmen sport and reach new heights. Thus, the number of the Turkmen athletes who triumphed at the international events is growing. The achievements of our athletes, who have achieved outstanding results at different competitions, lifted highly the national flag of our beloved Motherland and enhanced the sports prestige of Turkmenistan, increase the pride of our people in the young generations. Our compatriot successfully competed in the weightlifting event at the XXXII Summer Olympics in Tokyo, won the first Olympic medal in the history of the Turkmen sports and delighted the Turkmen people.

Book is spiritual treasure

The work of libraries enriches the cultural life and holds to the state policy of independent and permanently neutral Turkmenistan in the epoch of might and happiness. The wise and far-sighted policy put forward by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has resulted in the outstanding development of our country. The Turkmen leader emphasized that along with the Internet and nanotechnologies, books have great educational, intellectual, artistic and scientific potential, and that young people should actively attend the libraries. The President of Turkmenistan noted that the variety of works by the world-known writers should be enlarged and provided in the electronic form.

Wellness and health

The concern for the people who are the most valuable asset in our country is in line with the motto ‘the State is for the People’ used by the Turkmen leader. On the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, large-scale work is underway in our country to ensure the well-being of people. The institutions of higher education host promotional meetings on a regular basis. The participants of the meetings noted that the Saglyk State Programme is successfully implemented under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, that sports help people to use their leisure time more efficiently and to strengthen their health, and that regular exercises have a positive effect on thinking, attention and memory of a person. They discussed in detail that physical culture forms effective personality traits, namely, will, diligence, positive relations, and social activity. At the meetings, experts recommend to wear a medical mask, to keep the distance of 2 meters in public places, to comply with the requirements of personal hygiene, to drink enough water and herbal teas during the day, and to eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.

Sport is the harbinger of peace

Physical education and sports contribute to a healthy society. Physical exercises are an important part of a person's life at any age. They have a profound effect on the physical development of children and adolescents and prepare young athletes for professional sports. Success in sports instils self-confidence, increases the resistance to physical and mental load and prevents rapid aging. Declared as ‘the International Year of Peace and Trust’ on the initiative of Turkmenistan, the year 2021 was marked by great success. This motto had a special meaning in sports. As is known, the phrase ‘Sport is the harbinger of peace’ is common. The national sport has achieved great heights thanks to the concern of the Turkmen leader. A large number of young people choose sports and follow a healthy lifestyle. Impressive work is underway by Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports to attract the youth to sports. Our institution of higher education has excellent opportunities for young people to do the sports that are relevant to their fields of study. Our students successfully perform at the international and national events.