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Bicycle and health

Cycling is a very popular form of physical activity all over the world. People regularly ride a bike for various reasons: to get from one place to another, lose weight, have fun, play sports or improve the environment. No matter what motivates you to spend more time on two-wheelers, there is no doubt that you are on the right track. Cycling strengthens the nervous system

Bicycle – eco-transport

A great way to explore new places Cycling is a funny and exciting way to travel while exploring new places. When you are riding a bike, you are always looking for small roads away from popular routes loaded with cars, trucks and buses. These searches often lead you to remote areas with hospitable people and beautiful views.

World’s first women’s motor race in New York

There are many rumours, disputes, myths and opinions about the concept of «a lady driving a car». However, despite the jokes, we resolutely declare there is nothing in female nature that would prevent a lady from getting behind the wheel and excelling at driving a car. …The first women’s motor race took place in the United States on January 11, 1909. The race went down in history as the first all-female race. More than a dozen cars took part in the rally. The participants started in New York and went to Philadelphia, then back to New York.

Fias International seminars for coaches and secretary referees in Serbia

The International Sambo Federation joinly with the National Sambo Federation of Serbia conducted the international seminars in the city of Novi Sad. A training event for coaches took place on February 2-3, and a seminar for secretary referees took place on February 4-5. The details were published in the regulations on the events in the calendar on the FIAS official website. The seminars were held at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. The specialists from the national sambo federations, who were willing to attend the seminars, were invited to register in the FIAS electronic database, since the participation were not possible without registration.

Jamaican Sambists held demonstration performance for ioc president thomas bach

The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach visited Jamaica on his Caribbean tour, where he had a meeting with representatives of the national SAMBO federation of that country. At the exhibition, organized for the visit of the high guest by the Jamaican Olympic Association, sambists held demonstration performances and told the IOC head about the development of local SAMBO and their achievements. «We all know the power of sport in Jamaica. It is mainly athletics, but we see that its scope is expanding. While athletics plays an important role, we see many hopeful athletes in other Olympic sports, which is very encouraging,» Thomas Bach said during a meeting with Jamaican athletes.

Facts about the benefits of physical activity

Regular exercise improves cognitive health Physical activity increases serotonin levels in the brain, which significantly affects brain function. It is quite obvious that people with good physical preparation. are better at work, they tend to build a successful career. Moreover, such people rarely get sick and very rarely are in a bad mood.

IWF Executive Committee reduces weight categories for Paris 2024 Olympics

The Executive Committee of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) reduced the number of weight categories, in which athletes will compete for medals at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the press office of the RF Weightlifting Federation reported. Winners and prize-winners in the men’s tournament will be determined in 5 weight categories – under 61 kg, under 73 kg, under 89 kg, under 102 kg and over 102 kg.

Galactic names of sports clubs

Comets, planets, satellites – all this have inspired and inspires the creators of sports clubs around the world. Cosmos, San Marino – football

Turkmen trace in history of FIFA Order of Merit

The FIFA Order of Merit is the highest honour awarded by FIFA (Internationale de Football Association). The award is presented at the annual FIFA congress. The FIFA Order of Merit holders are the most outstanding football players, coaches and referees. These includes Franz Beckenbauer (Germany), Bobby Moore (England), Lev Yashin (Soviet Union), Eusébio (Portugal), Zico (Brazil), Nikita Simonyan (Soviet Union), Nikolay Latyshev (Soviet Union), Gerd Müller (Germany), Miljan Miljanić (Yugoslavia) and Pedro Escartín (Spain), among others.

Turkmenistan-Qatar: building up cooperation on sport

«7/24. tm», № 13 (148), 27.03.2023. March 20, 2023. The talks between President Serdar Berdimuhamedov and the Emir of the State of Qatar was a success. This top-level meeting vividly illustrated the readiness of the parties to give a powerful impetus to fruitful relations built on the existing positive experience of interaction and great prospects.

All about sambo


On the eve of the prestigious tournament

The national sambo team of Turkmenistan has recently held the training sessions at the World Sambo Academy in Kstovo, the Russian Federation. The team included 24 athletes. The event took place on March 10–24. After the training sessions, the national sambo team of Turkmenistan will compete in the Sambo Founders Cup to be held in Moscow. The prestigious tournament will become an important part of preparation for the 2025 World Sambo Championships to be held in the Turkmen capital.

European Sambo Referees Seminar to be held in Israel

«7/24. tm», № 12 (147), 20.03.2023. The European SAMBO Referees Seminar will be held in Israel on the eve of the start of the European SAMBO Championships and the European Cadets, Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships, which will be held in Haifa in April. Referees who pass successfully the exam will be awarded with certificates of the Referee of the International category «B» level for a period of two years.

March 23, 1891: first football net used

«7/24. tm», № 12 (147), 20.03.2023. On this day in 1891, the teams of the north and the south of England played a football match. It was in this game that the football net was first used.

Brothers have no equals

The Atabaev brothers, Maksat, Saparmyrat and Yusup, made up the top three in the Chess League of Turkmenistan. There was the heat of competition between three brothers in the League for 14 strongest chess players. Thus, Maksat Atabaev, a 29-year-old international grandmaster, who scored 2472 points in the FIDE rating, became the national champion. Although he was defeated by Shahruh Turaev in the first round, the champion won the title with 10.5 out of 13 possible points. Saparmyrat Atabaev, a 24-year-old international master (2448 points in the FIDE rating) scored 10 points at the tournament. Yusup Atabaev received the title of an international grandmaster a month ago and lost half a point to the winner. Eventually, additional coefficient demonstrated that Saparmyrat took the second place.

Jamaican sambists held demonstration performance for IOC President Thomas Bach

«7/24. tm», № 11 (146), 13.03.2023 The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach visited Jamaica on his Caribbean tour, where he had a meeting with representatives of the national SAMBO federation of that country. At the exhibition, organized for the visit of the high guest by the Jamaican Olympic Association, sambists held demonstration performances and told the IOC head about the development of local SAMBO and their achievements.

Turkmen footballers play their first matches for foreign clubs

«7/24. tm», № 11 (146), 13.03.2023 Recently, Kyrgyz FC Abdysh-Ata has officially announced the transfer of a football player of the Turkmenistan youth team Teymur Charyev, and the Tajik FC Khujand has signed Suleiman Mukhadov.

High speed sports

The National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the Motor Sports Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan, where he tested new sports vehicles. An international rally called ‘Silk Way 2023’ will be held along the Kazan – Moscow route on July 6–15, 2023.

A festive event

The closing ceremony of the 2022-2023 ice hockey season was held with great enthusiasm. As is known, the Ice Hockey Championship of Turkmenistan concluded on February 28. The closing ceremony took place at the Galkan Winter Sports Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan. The State Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan, the Ice Hockey Federation of Turkmenistan and the Ashgabat Council of Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan organized the event.

Turkmen judoist wins a bronze medal at the open European Championships in Sofia

«7/24. tm», № 10 (145), 06.03.2023 The bronze medal was won by Turkmen judoist Hekim Agamammedov at the Open European Championship in Sofia, held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.