Education of young people

28 October 2022

To date, great attention is paid to studying and promoting the glorious history of the Turkmen people. They have attached great importance to their spiritual and cultural values, as well as to their unique national culture and development since ancient times. The interest in our cultural and spiritual values and cultural heritage has increased in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Our mother tongue, our literature, and our attitudes towards the education of younger generations are at the core of our national principles. Teaching our noble principles and national values to the younger generations and educating them to be patriotic is a priority of the state policy in Turkmenistan. In this context, promotional meetings are held at Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov on a regular basis.

The Turkmen people cherish the historical, cultural and spiritual values, ancient sayings, proverbs, and literary works inherited from our ancestors especially this year, which is being held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’. The history, language, literature, art, cultural and spiritual heritage of our people is an inexhaustible treasure. Ancient sayings related to the people's heritage, including in proverbs and various expressions, serve as an endless source for studying the rich material, cultural and spiritual values of our people, as well as for educating patriotic younger generations.

the University student.