Boxing rules in brief

30 September 2022

Young boxing fans do not clearly understand the difference between the terms ‘knockdown’ and ‘knockout’. A knockdown occurs when a fighter touches the floor of the ring with any part of the body other than the feet following a hit, but is able to rise back up and continue fighting. A knockdown triggers a count by the referee. There should be one second between the verbal command ‘Stop Punching’ and the count. If a boxer goes down there is a mandatory 8 count. That means that even if the boxer rises to his feet the referee must continue the count up to 8 and then say ‘Box’.

If the boxer is not able to rise back up and continue fighting even after the count of 8, the referee says ‘9, 10’ and adds ‘out’ after it. If the fighter fails the count, then the fight is ended as a knockout. At the children’s, youth and amateur events, the fight ends after the first knockdown. The professional boxing match continues until the third knockdown. Besides, a boxer who has been knocked out must rest for at least three months (if the blow was landed to the head) and must undergo medical attendance. The ringside physician immediately examines the beaten boxer. The boxer’s corner acts on the physician's instructions.

Dovletmyrat BESHIMOV,
a student, Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov.