Young people choose sports

26 August 2022

The Turkmen athletes successfully compete at the international and national events. Their results provoke pride of our compatriots. It should be noted that such results and the high level of young athletes are achieved thanks to the sports policy and the initiatives of our Hero-Arkadag and the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Thus, the advantages of that positive policy are reflected in the achievements of our compatriots at the international sports events. As is known, the number of victories won by the Turkmen athletes at large sports festivals, which have been held since the beginning of May after the health-related break, is impressive. Achievements of our compatriots at the Asian Judo Cup (Almaty, Kazakhstan), at the U17 international Greco-Roman freestyle wrestling event (Bucharest, Romania), at the Asian Alysh Wrestling Championships (the Kyrgyz Republic), at the Asian Sambo Championships (Jounieh, the Republic of Lebanon), at the large weightlifting events, at the World Belt Wrestling Championships, and at the Silk Way Rally 2022 (the Russian Federation) are enough to prove the above-mentioned fact. The performances of our football team at the U23 Asian Championships and the success of the Turkmen athletes at the 7th Children of Asia Games (Vladivostok, the Russian Federation) complement the above.

Hangeldi ROZYEV,
a lieutenant in the medical service.
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