12 August 2022

Impressive work is underway to attract young people to sports in our beloved Motherland. In this context, competitions in different sports are of great importance in encouraging children to do sports. The work of the sports schools, which have ample opportunities to hold such competitions, increases the enthusiasm of children.

On July 25 – 30, a Greco-Roman wrestling tournament ‘Hazar deňziniň duşuşyklary’ was held in Turkmenbashi. The athletes from the sports school 5 of the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy, coached by A.Geldiyev and M.Soltanov, took part in the event. The young athletes performed successfully in their weight classes and repaid the trust of their coaches.

the principal at the sports school 5, the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy.
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