The principles of a healthy lifestyle

8 July 2022

To date, independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan has been recognized as a sports power. It should be noted that the state policy is aimed at the development of sports, physical culture, and at the formation of the legal basis to prevent the Turkmen people, especially the youth, from bad habits and to promote sports and the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

The Laws of Turkmenistan ‘On Physical Culture and Sports’, ‘On Equestrianism and Equestrian Sports’, and ‘On Anti-Doping in Sports’ were adopted in recent years. Protection of young people from bad habits is one of the most pressing issues. Thus, promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle and education of the physically and mentally healthy generations resulted in the adoption of the Law of Turkmenistan ‘On the Prevention of the Adverse Effects of Alcohol’ and the National Programme for Transforming Turkmenistan into a Tobacco-Free Country for 2022–2025. Regardless of profession or age, people should contribute to the successful implementation of these measures, which are aimed at forming a clean, healthy society, at improving health and at increasing life expectancy. It should be noted that the main purpose of the above-mentioned Laws and Programme is to strengthen the health of the people, to develop physical culture and sports, to prepare highly qualified specialists in these fields and to improve their living conditions. In Turkmenistan, the human health is the highest value of the state and society.