The path to victories

1 July 2022

Saparly Muhyev, an athlete from the sports school 6 of the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy, won one of the greatest victories in the history of the Turkmen sport at the 2022 Youth World Weightlifting Championships in León, Mexico. Saparly competed in the 96-kilogramme weight class event and won a silver medal of the Championships.

The talented athlete took the second place in that weight class, having lifted 133 kilogrammes in snatch. 167 kilogrammes in clean and jerk brought the athlete a bronze medal. Saparly lifted 300 kilogrammes in total and won the silver medal to cherish the traditions of national weightlifting, well-known thanks to Altymyrat Orazdurdyev, Umurbek Bazarbaev, Rejepbay Rejepov, Hojamuhammet Toychyev, Yulduz Jumabaeva, Polina Guryeva and others.

the principal at the sports school 6, the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy.