Turkmenistan is a sports country

25 March 2022

In the years of independence, Turkmenistan has established the physical culture and sports movements and has contributed to international cooperation in this sphere.

To implement this policy, our country built and put into operation multifunctional stadiums, physical education and health complexes, hippodromes, sports schools, and similar facilities in all regions. The methods of training athletes and specialists have been improved in our country. Turkmenistan has gathered wide experience of holding sports events, and the Turkmen athletes successfully perform at international events. Since January 1, 2012, Turkmenistan Sport TV channel has been covering the achievements in physical culture and sport under the motto ‘Turkmenistan is a Country of Health and Inspiration’ to promote the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Despite the climatic conditions, Turkmenistan has created excellent opportunities for winter sports. The Winter Sports Complex has been built in Ashgabat, and the Multifunctional Sports Complex in the Avaza National Tourist Zone has large ice rinks. The national hockey championship has been held in our country for several years; and figure skating and short-track speed skating are being actively developed.