Health and tennis

4 February 2022

People have been playing the sport of tennis for centuries. Tennis is one of the healthiest sports for adults and children. Tennis greatly contributes to the strengthening of health, spiritual potential, and to the harmonious development of the human body and self-discipline.

The beneficial effects of tennis on the human body are enormous. It greatly contributes to the smooth functioning of the heart system, to adequate ventilation of the respiratory system and normalizes all body motions. As well as other physical exercises, tennis increases and strengthens the immunity of the human body, improves speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. Tennis expands the mental worldview of people. The tennis player’s body develops in harmony. Regular exercises reduce fat and carbohydrates in the human body. It should be noted that tennis makes a significant contribution to the mental and physical education of children, to their harmonious development, and to the decision-making skills.

Atlymyrat GURBANOV,
a lecturer, Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports, a Candidate for Master of Sports in tennis, a member of the national team of Turkmenistan.