A building serves for ages, if foundation is strong

21 January 2022

The core of the successful domestic and foreign policy put forward by the President of Turkmenistan is the preparation of highly qualified, sharp-witted, broad-minded professionals for all sectors of the national economy. As a leading country of the world, independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan attaches special attention to science and education. The Turkmen leader noted that the development of human society is linked to science and education.

In the present-day Turkmen society, the President of Turkmenistan prioritizes the special tasks in science, education, professional skills and upbringing. In the scientific and philosophical work ‘The Economic Strategy of Turkmenistan: Relying on the People and in the Name of the People’, the Turkmen leader wrote, ‘The real values of modern society are not in wealth, but in people, in their education, professional skills, and productivity’. These values depend on the proper management of the education system, its suitability to society and effectiveness.

Shatlyk TEKAEV,
a student, Myrat Garryyev State Medical University of Turkmenistan.