Independence is our pride

31 December 2021

The 30th anniversary of independence of our Motherland was widely celebrated in 2021, which was held under the motto ‘Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust’.

As is known, our Motherland has made great progress in the political, economic, cultural, healthcare and sports spheres in the years of independence. Our country has enhanced the international sports prestige. Independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan is widely recognized as a country that offers peaceful, political and diplomatic solutions to the interstate issues in the region. Our beloved Motherland is actively implementing important initiatives for common good, peace, prosperity and development. It should be noted that the Turkmen sport is developed at the international level. This process includes promotion of peace through sports. To date, Turkmenistan has gained international recognition as the country that has the opportunity to host large sports events. Being citizens of an independent country, the Turkmen athletes compete in international tournaments under our national flag. This fact indicates that Turkmenistan attaches great importance to creation of a solid sports base, to development of the mass physical culture and sports movement, and high-level sports, and to promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among people, especially the youth.