Sport and health

3 December 2021

Thanks to the concern of the President of Turkmenistan, impressive work is underway to protect the health and safety of the people in our country. In this context, it should be noted that according to the Saglyk State Programme, a large number of activities are implemented to develop the national healthcare system and to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of different infectious diseases.

To date, the international community believes that the promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle and the development of mass physical culture and sports are the highest achievements under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan in the epoch of might and happiness. In this context, the Turkmen leader emphasized that the recognition of Turkmenistan as a sports power is our greatest achievement in the years of independence. Thus, despite the heavy working schedule, the President of Turkmenistan sets a good example for young people in doing different sports and adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. On the example of the Turkmen leader's sports training sessions and adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, people realise that sport results in the physical development, health and love for life, creative and productive work. Long live the President of Turkmenistan, who promotes the Turkmen sport in the world!