Digital education system

3 December 2021

The education system is one of the key indicators of the country's development. The President of Turkmenistan is deeply concerned about the development of this system. Thus, the preparation of qualified personnel, who have a good command of science and innovation, is now considered one of the most important issues in the world. Skilful professionals make a worthy contribution to strengthening of the national economy and to enhancing of the international prestige of the country. Thus, great work is underway to raise the level of education of young people, to train them on the basis of internationally recognized curricula, and to prepare thoughtful young professionals in Turkmenistan. At the same time, impressive work is conducted in the field of sports. The most widespread digital system in our country is established in the sphere of sports. Athletes benefit from the digital system and hold the training sessions of a higher level. To date, electronic devices are widely used to check distance, heart rate, and calories consumed. Thus, the digitalization of the education system helps young people to gather the world experience, and this process is the main condition for the country's development.