Health is the basis of prosperity

5 November 2021

The Turkmen people value health and appreciate a healthy lifestyle. The development of sport and physical culture, which represent a source of health, is a priority of the state policy, reflected in the Saglyk State Programme and in the long-term programmes to radically improve the living conditions of the people. The human health is the main wealth in our country, and the concern of the President of Turkmenistan for the happy and peaceful life of our people is reflected in the principle ‘the state is for the people!’.

Comprehensive concern for the growing generation, its harmonious development and health is one of the main priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan. Regular physical exercises and sport strengthen the human health, nurture discipline, purposefulness and diligence. Sport improves the quality of life, increases the self-confidence of a person, makes many dreams come true, and helps to succeed in profession. That is why the youth follow the example of the Turkmen leader and do sports.

Shatlyk TEKAEV,
a student, Myrat Garryyev State Medical University of Turkmenistan.