Sport and digital system

22 October 2021

The expansion of the opportunities of the digital system is of great importance in the modern world, where sport and physical education develop rapidly. To date, large sports events attract the attention of the whole world and require a very high level of organization. An important part of this work depends on the digital system. The opening and closing ceremonies of the sports festivals require the accurate timing, and the performance and results of athletes should reflect the justice in sports. At the same time, the work of the organizers and the referees is greatly facilitated owing to the digital system.

The connection between sport and the digital world consists in the importance of the effective training for athletes. Obviously, this process includes multimode analysis of the physical conditions of the athlete. This issue requires an in-depth approach to human opportunities and the help of technologies. Thus, the athlete achieves the effective training and makes a good use of opportunities without overloads.

a lecturer, Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages.