The path to the Olympic success

1 October 2021

The sports policy of the President of Turkmenistan conquers the world

The world history demonstrates that sport has a very important role to play in international cooperation. Its importance in attracting people to a healthy lifestyle reveals the value of the sports development at the national level. It should be noted that the Turkmen leader has identified the work on the sports development as a priority of the state policy since the first days in the office. The personal example of the President of Turkmenistan has become a guideline for our compatriots and an important step in achieving the wellness, physical activeness and mental health of people. The stadiums, sports complexes, and training centres were built at the initiative of the Turkmen leader and provided excellent opportunities for people in this area. To date, these magnificent buildings and complexes have become the most crowded places thanks to the concern of the President of Turkmenistan, who reiterates that people should be active at any age. These measures resulted in the development of professional sport in our country, since these perfect conditions inspire our compatriots to do sports at a professional level.

Amanmyrat MYRADOV,
«Turkmen sporty».