A healthy generation is a healthy future

24 September 2021

The upbringing of young generation has been a major issue of the Turkmen people at all times, because well-educated, self-confident children have supported their relatives and enhanced the glory of the Motherland and the dignity of the nation. Our ancestors have created a unique school of national education by passing on the national values, traditions, and customs to the future generations. The lessons of that school have been taught in every home.

To date, the important educational issues are to bring up the youth on the basis of the national spiritual values of the Turkmen people, to make them proud of our permanently neutral Motherland and faithful to the society, to teach them to be diligent, hard-working, innovative, and developed. Because today’s younger generations are the future of Turkmenistan. At the end of the day, the development of our country and the health of our society will largely depend on the upbringing of the youth.

a sports expert.