Wonderful stadium has multifaceted prospects

27 August 2021

Independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan conducts the exemplary work in the field of sports development. The commitment of the Turkmen leader is a great example for our people, especially for the youth, to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle. The physical culture and sports movement has recently made unprecedented progress in our country. In this context, the role of multifunctional sports facilities, which are built and put into operation on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, is great. Ashgabat Multipurpose Stadium represents one of the most important facilities in the Turkmen capital and has excellent conditions. The stadium has great potential for the younger generation to grow up to be physically and spiritually healthy people.

The 20,000-seat multipurpose stadium includes the outdoor and indoor training grounds. It has a convenient restaurant and parking lots. One of its main features is versatility. The stadium has a synthetic football pitch, a track and field track, area for the long jump events and for the high jump events, as well as gymnastics and training grounds. Moreover, Ashgabat Multipurpose Stadium provides 17 training halls for different sports. Excellent conditions are created for the youth to strengthen their health and to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, and for the skilful athletes to prepare intensively for competitions.

Chief Energy Officer, Ashgabat Multipurpose Stadium.
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