Horse is a loyal and cheerful friend

16 July 2021

The magnificent works by the President of Turkmenistan demonstrate the love and pride of the Turkmen people for the Ahalteke horses. 'Ahalteke Horse – Our Pride and Glory’, ‘Winged Horses’, ‘Swift Step of Horse’, ‘A Horse – a Symbol of Faithfulness and Happiness’ are four books to enhance the glory of our heavenly horses around the world and to represent invaluable guides for equestrians and horse fans.

The Turkmen leader wrote in the book ‘A Horse – a Symbol of Faithfulness and Happiness’, ‘Wherever history begins, there are the horse tracks at that time’. These words demonstrate that the ‘heavenly’ horses have had a special place and significance in the life of our people throughout the glorious history. The Turkmen people considered horses to be their wings, companions on the days of hunt, and loyal friends on holidays. People created a number of proverbs, including in ‘when you wake up in the morning, see your father first, and then see your horse’, ‘a horse is the best friend of a young man’, ‘horse is an old friend’, etc.

Rovshengeldi ABAYEV,
a lecturer, Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov.