A symbol of courage and loyalty

9 July 2021

The Turkmen people are one of the world’s oldest peoples. The values that our brave people have given to the world during a centuries-old history are great. Throughout the glorious past, the Turkmen people have considered alabays and horses as loyal companions and friends.

They treated these animals as if they were human beings. Historical sources testify to the fact that the alabays’ bravery, intelligence and loyalty deserve praise. The Turkmen Alabay book by the President of Turkmenistan contains the following sentences confirming the antiquity of the breed, ‘Dog and human are believed to have befriended 12-15 thousand years ago. Thus, any dog breed must originate from hunting dogs. Our alabays must also be hunting. Our ancestors developed this trait of the breed. They raised our alabays very intelligent. Moreover, alabays attacked wolves’.

a student, Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov.