The book is a spiritual wealth

23 June 2021

In all periods of history the Turkmen people looked upon the book with a special respect and love. They looked upon the book as the main means containing immortalizing and spiritual-moral values in itself. Highly appreciating the book as the transforming force of the society our esteemed President wisely noted: «The book is similar to the candle which is brought into the dark room. Historical books light up the darkness of the past. It satisfies the desire of the human being to perceive the reality, the truth. That is why the human generations worship books and works. The book is the fruit of science, the flower of culture. If books are published much the science and culture will flourish too. If science flower, our history will flower, the fates of the whole humanity, our days, our future will become a flower garden». And also our Hero Arkadag especially notes that real values are not material wealth, they are in people, in their knowledge, in their profession level and in the result of their honest labour. The fruitful works are being put into practice on acceleration of technological development of educational establishments, on creation of electronic information base for all levels of education and for making them available through a special network. Enriching the content of the education for youth of educational establishments in the result of providing all the stages of education with electronic education materials, through widening the use of digital technology is a full guarantee of using the digital education system.

One of the conditions of transition to digital education system, introducing the digital economy into life is creating the electronic libraries, and widening their use. Our Hero Arkadag who considers introducing the achievements of modern science in all fields as the main task of the epoch carries out very important works in developing the work of libraries of our country in accordance with advanced demands of our times. Computerization of the works of national libraries in our country, creation of electronic libraries, their connection with international library system through internet, creation of electronic catalogues considerably make easy and widen getting of information. The International Book is a vivid example of modernization of the library work getting text-books, periodical editions for our library from any country for scientists, specialists working in different branches and students.