The winners are known

26 May 2023

The physical culture, sports and health movement in our country gained a wide scope thanks to the great concern of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. In Turkmenistan, it has become a noble tradition to hold the sports events that bring together thousands of people of all ages and professions.

Special attention is attached to the development of high-level sports, to the preparation of skilful athletes, coaches, and other related professionals. The Turkmen athletes take part in large international events, win prizes and medals, including in gold medals, on a regular basis. This fact enhances the international prestige of our country as a sports power. The Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships of Turkmenistan were held recently. The Turkmen weightlifters demonstrated their skills and qualified for the 2023 Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships to be held in India this summer. Ogulgerek, Medine and Ogulshat, daughters and athletes coached by Gurbandurdy Amanov, triumphed in the women's tournament. All three of them won the title of champion of the country and valuable gifts from the sponsors of the tournament. These three champions will represent Turkmenistan at the Asian Championships.