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Impressive results of our compatriots

The athletes from Turkmenistan won 19 medals at the Uzbekistan Open Kickboxing Championship. 26 Turkmen athletes prepared under the leadership of Orazmuhammet Komekov and Ruslan Chuliyev and took part in the competition for medals in 4 disciplines (point fighting, kick light, low kick and full contact) in 10 weight class events. Thus, Jasurbek Ahmedov (32 kg, point fighting and kick light events), Nepes Byashimov (48 kg, low kick event), Shahruh Sheraliyev (51 kg, low kick event), Salamathan Baltaev (74 kg, kick light event), and Serdar Berdimyradov (86 kg, low kick event) won gold medals. Zaravshan Yangibaev (57 kg, full contact event), Muhammetberdi Allaberdiyev (63.5 kg , low kick event), Akmyrat Akmyradov (67 kg, low kick event), Muhammetaly Ovezov (69 kg, kick light event), Atajan Rozyev (71 kg, low kick event), and Narzulla Bazarov (71 kg, low kick event) earned silver medals.

Sports services in digital system

The State Programme for Digital Economy Development of Turkmenistan for 2021-2025 lays the basis for digitalization of all spheres of the economy, and the implemented measures play an important role in using the capabilities of the digital system in our society. As a result of continuous improvement of the official website of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan, the sporting achievements of our country are widely reflected through the digital system. The possibilities of the official website create good conditions for communicating to our compatriots the importance of the work carried out by the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan and subordinate institutions, as well as the services they provide to the population. The launch of these websites at four facilities under the jurisdiction of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan is an important step to provide services to our people at these sports facilities.

Turkmenistan successfully performs at II CIS games

The II CIS Games, which were held in the Republic of Belarus, closed. The Turkmen athletes performed in 13 sports at these international competitions. The medallists in 20 sports of the tournaments that took place on the sports arenas in 11 cities of the Republic of Belarus were announced. The participation of athletes from the CIS states, as well as Asia and Africa, increased interest in these competitions. The Turkmen athletes displayed their outstanding skills and techniques in the struggle for medals with experienced sportsmen. They took a decent place in the medal table of the II CIS Games. We are presenting their results to our readers. A Turkmen weightlifter Yulduz Jumabayeva won a silver medal in the under 49 kg weight category. She lifted 161 kg (71+90) in two events and lost first place to Elizaveta Khatkina from Russia (total 171 kg/77+94). A Turkmen weightlifter Ali Babamuradov won a silver medal in the under 55 kg weight category with a total result of 215 kg (95+120).

Highest paid sports in the world

It is difficult to put them in order as there are a lot of factors such as earnings through salaries and commercials to be taken into consideration. The below-mentioned sports are among the most popular sports and that makes them more lucrative. It attracts millions of people worldwide throughout the year who tune in to watch their favorite teams and players play at the highest level.

Today is football, today is a holiday, today is celebration!

«7/24 tm» № 39 (174) 25.09.2023 The poem Novruz that belongs to the pen of the outstanding Turkmen poet and great statesman Bairam Han (1501-1561) has been passed from mouth to mouth for 5 centuries. If many singers, storytellers and copyists of this beautiful poetic work were transferred magically to our days, they would see that today’s generation is inspired by the immortal lines of Novruz by Bairam Han Shahir.

Patriotism begins with education

The speech delivered by the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a general lesson at the Ruhyyet Palace in the city of Arkadag on the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, made our compatriots think seriously about the human principles. The Turkmen national pedagogy has educated a great number of talented specialists, brilliant minds in their professions. The national traditions, customs and principles make them dedicate their career, life and future to our Motherland and people.

Clean sports ensure a bright future

In 2017, the Law of Turkmenistan on Combating Doping in Sports became the main guide for the physical culture and sports specialists. The law includes the World Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency, the International Convention Against Doping in Sport (a multilateral UNESCO treaty), and other internationally recognized norms. The establishment of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Turkmenistan strengthened the combat against doping in sports.

A model example

It should be noted that the Turkmen athletes follow the example of our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The National Leader of the Turkmen people inspires the young athletes to make achievements and demonstrate high results in many sports, including in cycling, motor sports, ice hockey, shooting sports, and equestrian sports. Students, lecturers and educational workers of primary, secondary vocational and high schools of the country follow the example of the National Leader of the Turkmen people and the President of Turkmenistan in practicing sports. The opportunities created to do different modes of sports demonstrate the success of the national sports policy. The Turkmen people are proud and happy to witness new heights of the national sports and great achievements under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Tennis facts

Tennis is a sport that is enjoyed all over the world.It has been around since the medieval times,which surprised a lot of people.But,that is not the only interesting fact about this competitive game.In fact,there are plenty of other interesting points about tennis that you might not be aware of. IT WAS PRACTISED WITH BARE HANDS

Today is football, today is a holiday, today is a celebration!

The poem «Novruz» belonging to the pen of the remarkable Turkmen poet and great statesman Bairam Khan (1501-1561) has been passed from mouth to mouth for five centuries. If many singers, storytellers and copyists of this beautiful poetic work somehow magically moved to our days, they would see that today’s generation is also inspired by the immortal lines of «Novruz» by Bairam Khan Shahir. This ode to the holiday associated with the arrival of spring in the world begins with the words, «Today is Novruz, today is a holiday, today is festivities». These lines expressing the excitement and awe that Nowruz brings to the human soul have been hovering in my mind for a long time. Being among the fans who willingly go to watch the national championship matches every week and witness the spectacle of the «game of millions», it is easy for me to understand their excitement.

Comprehensive answer for the question «What is a sport?»

Sports are termed as any physical or mental activity which is mostly done during leisure time and includes a high level of entertainment involving a sense of competition. Sports are an integral part of everyone’s life and each and every person would have been a part of at least one or the other sports. It not only makes us fit but also makes us alert and active by improving our overall physical and mental health. Sports also help to spread communal harmony on a larger platform during various global sports events like Olympic, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc. Various teams across the world take part in these global events and compete with each other to emerge as a winner. Not only being part of a sport is a wonderful thing but even watching our favorite sports and cheering up for our team is also a great experience.

Surprising sports facts

There are over 8000+ sports played around the world! Despite this, there were only 33 sports played at the Olympics 2021. Since 1896, the beginning of the modern Olympics, only Greece and Australia have participated in every Games.

Ahal prepares for its first Champions League match

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 The champions of Turkmenistan Ahal are participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League Group Stage.

The Romanian team became the winner of the World Team Beach Sambo Championship 2023

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 The Romanian team won gold medals on the second day of the World Beach Sambo Championships in the team tournament. The second place was taken by the Kazakhstan team, the sambists from Costa Rica and the FIAS 1 team took third place.

The principles of a healthy lifestyle

The noble initiatives of the National Leader of the Turkmen people Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the wonderful conditions created for the Turkmen sports, and the great projects are implemented at high level under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Brilliant victories of our compatriots at the large international sports events reflect the rapid development of the Turkmen sports and the excellent conditions created in the year ‘Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar’. Moreover, Turkmenistan has become a venue for the large international tournaments and implements the national strategy in this area. Special attention is attached to the development of sports in the country, which has reached outstanding achievements in this field under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. In this context, large-scale work is underway at Aman Kekilov Pedagogical School. It should be noted that the construction of world-class sports facilities has resulted in the tremendous success of our students. In our wonderful epoch, the development of international sports cooperation is also of great importance. Students spend their free time playing sports at the School and follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

World Beach Sambo Championships 2023 announcement

«7/24 tm» № 36 (171) 04.09.2023 The World Beach SAMBO Championships 2023 will be held in the Dominican Republic from 9 to 10 September. National teams from around the world will compete for victory on the beach of Juan Dolio. Competitions will be held in Beach SAMBO among men and women, as well as in a team tournament.

Accuracy and Range Test

The Cup of Turkmenistan in archery was held at the Winter Sports Complex. The tournament was organised by the National Archery Federation with the assistance of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Physical Culture and Sports. Both men and women competed for prizes according to the Olympic elimination system in various age categories. Individual, team and mixed archery competitions were held both outdoors and indoors. Shooting was carried out both with a classic bow at a distance of 18 and 70 metres and with a compound bow at a distance of 18 metres. In individual competitions, the judges took into account the shooting results of each participant. In competitions among teams, the results were summed up and taken into account in the overall standings. The main goal of the Cup of Turkmenistan is the search and selection of talented young athletes for the national team.

Merv advances to AFC Cup group stage

«7/24 tm» № 35 (170) 28.08.2023 The bronze medallists of the Turkmenistan Championships FC Merv won 2-1 Khujand from Tajikistan in extra time in an away playoff match of the 2023/24 AFC Cup. Murat Yakshiev (54th minute) and Murat Ovezmuradov (114th minute) scored the winning goals for Merv.

Young people are the pride of the country

Our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that young people play a key role in the implementation of the ‘Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State: the National Programme on Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2022–2052’. The National Leader of the Turkmen people expressed great confidence in the youth who would advance the development of the country. To date, impressive work is being successfully implemented by the Turkmen people, including the youth, under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Special importance is attached to increasing youth's pride in the Motherland, people and glorious history, to attracting them to science and education, to ensuring their good command of digital technologies, to providing them with modern education, and explaining the great concept of the Motherland. As is known, wide opportunities are created for young people to receive excellent education in Turkmenistan. Good conditions are provided for fostering science in the year ‘Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar’. Young people make their worthy contribution to the development of our country under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan.

«Merv» won the preliminary game of the AFC cup

«7/24 tm» № 34 (169) 21.08.2023  On August 15, 2023, Mary’s «Merv» football team defeated the «Alay» team of the Kyrgyz Republic on its own field. Musa Nurnazarov scored the only goal that brought victory to the team in the 13th minute.