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The Ashgabat summit of the ECO-

the new Opportunities for fruitful Co-operation The foreign policy of Turkmenistan carried out on the basis of positive Neutrality traditions has a great significance in active developing international relations. Those relations fully correspond to the aims of universal efforts directed at attaining and securing prosperity and success in the region and the world.

Neutrality and diplomacy — bases of peace and development

Turkmenistan as a full member of the world community of nations, has an active foreign policy, a key objective of which is to assist in worldwide to the efforts of countries to maintain and promote global security, prevent and neutralize the threat of conflicts, ensure conditions for a peaceful and stable development of the countries and peoples, which facilitates constructive international dialogue. Foreign policy of Neutral Turkmenistan has proven the effectiveness of its diplomacy of peaceful living, good neighborliness and mutually beneficial partnership with all interested parties. The core of the foreign policy of the country, developed by our Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, organically combines the fundamental principles of international law and diplomacy, as well as the positive experience of implementing large-scale initiatives to strengthen international co-operation. On the basis of its status, Turkmenistan succeeded to secure partnerships with the major international organizations and to build good-neighborly and equal relations with neighboring states. Neutral foreign policy of the country, in conjunction with the rich resource potential, attracts increasing flow of foreign investments into the economy and contributes to enhancement of the life quality of the population.

Is the basis of development and goodwill co-operation

The foreign policy of our Motherland Turkmenistan is based on its neutrality, peace loving and goodwill international traditions. In the Epoch of Might and Happiness the creative initiatives of our Esteemed President put forward with the aim of strengthening of universal peace, security and stability meet wide support in the whole world. Our Neutral state is widely known in the world as the state putting forward inter regional co-operation, goodwill, mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations in foreign policy. Following the international legal status of Neutrality and taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and the whole world, our Motherland successfully realizes the foreign policy directed at securing the universal prosperity and peaceful development, positive solution of the most important problems of the present times, at regulating mutual understanding and its stability. The growing interests for establishing long term and multilateral relations with our secular, democratic and legal state show that the «Open doors» policy of Turkmenistan manifests itself brightly in all the events of international importance. The adoption of the Resolution «2021 — the International Year of Peace and Trust» at the 106th general meeting of the 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization on the 12th of September of 2019 on the i

Years marked by permanent Neutrality

December 12, 1995 is the official day of the recognition of the status of Turkmenistan's eternal neutrality. This date has been widely celebrated every year as a national holiday and was adopted unanimously 26 years ago with a corresponding resolution. As we know, there is another truth December 12th was unanimously adopted at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly on February 2, 2017 «International Neutrality Day». Now, this day is widely celebrated every year as International Neutrality Day by all countries of the world.

We are happy and peace-loving people

The year 2021, which is being held under the motto “Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust”, is coming to an end. All the events of the current year have become a vivid confirmation of this motto. Moreover, our people this year widely and solemnly celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sacred independence and the 26th anniversary of the neutral status of Turkmenistan. Owing to the initiatives of the respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which are voiced at various international forums, the world community identifies independent and neutral Turkmenistan with an original state course and a fundamentally new approach to the comprehensive solution of strategic tasks of the development of our country and relations with other countries. This course is based on the principles of neutrality. And they, in turn, are based on the national mentality of our people, which is remarkable for its openness, peaceableness, hospitality and respect for the cultures of other peoples. These features have been formed for centuries, because, as it is known, the Great Silk Road passed through Turkmenistan.

Neutrality —the bright way of peace and development

In the year «Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust» under the guidance of our Esteemed President, standing at the sources of all of our successes great achievements are attained and high positions are occupied. These great works put into practice show that the great changes carried out for the sake of people owing to the wise policy of our Hero Arkadag and as a result of it our Motherland goes forward along the way of great achievements to brilliant future. In the work of strengthening the universal peace, global security and stability our country pays a special attention to co-operation with large and authoritative international organizations, first of all, with the UNO. Beginning since the first days of gaining Independence Turkmenistan accepted the noble initiatives of the UNO as the aims fully corresponding to mutual co-operation with International Union. Thus during the past 30 years of our Independence using the positive experience of bilateral and multilateral co-operation with foreign countries our Motherland fundamentally developed the international co-operation in all trends. The whole world recognizes that Independent Turkmenistan has chosen the way of Neutrality owing to the glorious history our people.

The international recognition of neutrality of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV, President of Turkmenistan:— For us Neutrality is a value which helps to go forward with confident steps, glorifying the humanistic, peace-loving traditions of our people, spreading the name of our powerful state, our united nation in the world. Neutral Turkmenistan is widely known in the world as the country preferring not only its national interests but it is the country putting forward mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral important international initiatives. Strengthening the universal peace and security is one of the primary trends of the foreign policy followed by our neutral state. In accordance with it following the status of its neutrality, and also taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and in the world Turkmenistan pursues the policy directed at securing the universal prosperous and peaceful development, at solving important issues of the present times and establishing mutual understanding and confidence in the world. And it gives opportunity for Turkmenistan for further strengthening and developing the political, trade-economic and humanitarian relations carried out with neighbouring and other states. Increasing the interests of establishing long-term and multilateral relations with our state shows that the «Open Doors» policy of Turkmenistan finds its expression in all importan

Neutrality of Turkmenistan is the foundation of peaceful development

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness, as a result of wise foreign policy realized by our country the authority of our Fatherland on the international level is constantly rising. The open doors policy of our Motherland creates great opportunities to establish goodwill relations with any country of the world. The main goal of the foreign policy strategy of our Neutral state is to develop bilateral and multilateral relations with the world community. Widening political, trade-economic and cultural humanitarian relations with different states, especially with the countries of the region and with neighbouring states is one of the primary trends. The realization of mutually beneficial and equal relations creates opportunities to understand the present situation of co-operation and to discuss its future trends.

Remarkable Achievements of the Motherland

In Turkmenistan, many important social, cultural and industrial facilities were put into operation in 2020 the motto of which was “Turkmenistan – the Home of Neutrality”. The Homeland of Neutrality

Relying on the Neutral Status

At present, taking into account new modern challenges, the purposeful and far-sighted policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov based on the principles of neutrality and aimed at ensuring of peace, trust and harmony at the global and regional levels, is becoming increasingly important. The enormous demand for such policy is evidenced by the unanimous adoption of the Resolutions “2021 – International Year of Peace and Trust” and “The Role and Significance of the Policy of Neutrality in Maintaining and Strengthening International Peace, Security and the Process of Sustainable Development” at the UN General Assembly sessions on the initiative of our country. The establishment of peace and trust is exactly what humanity needs most of all at present, because today these two inseparable concepts are becoming the main condition for cooperation and development. The policy of neutrality of Turkmenistan is based on these simple and rather obvious postulates.

the role of turkmenistan’s neutrality in ensuring international peace is growing

UN Officially Circulates the Ashgabat Final Document among Member States Good news came from New York, where the headquarters of the United Nations is located. The final document of the International Conference entitled “Policy of Neutrality and Its Role in Ensuring International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development”, chaired by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on Decem ber 12, 2020, was published in the six official languages of the UN and was officially distributed among the member states.

Important Doctrine in the Life of Humankind

In the book of the respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov The Spiritual World of the Turkmen People, it is emphasised that “the most important measure of wealth for a person and humanity is peace on earth, a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Leading doctrines of peace are based on peaceableness and friendship.” Peace preservation and adherence to the principles of international law, trust, good neighbourliness and friendship are an important component of international documents and national legal systems of the countries of the world. This and also the Resolution “2021 - International Year of Peace and Trust”, adopted at the 106th plenary meeting of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, vividly testify to the theoretical and practical significance of these values. For over 30 years of independence and a quarter of a century of permanent neutrality, Turkmenistan, following the concept of peace and trust, has demonstrated the practical importance of these socio-political values for ensuring the development of international economic, political, cultural and humanitarian relations. At the same time, Turkmen culture serves as an inexhaustible source for diplomacy of peace and trust. The significance of Turkmen diplomacy lies in the fact that the truly valuable becomes the common cultural heritage of the entire p

The Triumph of Society-Oriented Policy of the National Leader

In our country, people are proclaimed the highest value of the state and society. In this regard, a key priority of the policy of Turkmenistan is to ensure a free, happy and dignified life for the Turkmen people, which reflects the motto of the leader of the nation “The state is for the people!” The state social policy is aimed at meeting the material and spiritual needs of people, creating conditions conducive to self-realisation of the citizens of the country and therefore at strengthening social justice and maintaining social stability. It involves the main spheres of human life: labour, employment, income, housing, health, education and culture. By developing social infrastructure, the state aims to improve the living standards of the people. In the first half of the year, the average monthly salaries at large and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country were 10.5 percent higher as compared with the same period of 2019. Large-scale construction work on industrial and social facilities continued. In the first half of the year, about 2,500 large facilities totally worth US$ 37 billion were built. In accordance with the National Rural Development Programme of the President of Turkmenistan, 1.3 billion manats were invested, 14 large facilities and a number of apartment houses with a total area of 509,000 square metres, including high-comfort residential buildin

The Head of the State holds meeting with the dean of diplomatic corps

On December 29, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had video conference meeting with the dean of diplomatic corps in Turkmenistan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Alexander Blokhin. Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan R. Meredov has also taken part in online meeting. Greeting Russian diplomat, Turkmen Leader has noted that good practice to celebrate New Year together, with participation of the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan has been established in the last years, however, due to current situation, the meeting is held in new format.

The President of Turkmenistan attends a ceremony of laying flowers at the Neutrality Monument

The Turkmen people united in their aspirations, whose life is brightened by the inspiration of innovative creation in the Era of Might and Happiness, celebrated one of the most significant national holidays – the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of the Motherland with a sense of immeasurable pride. In the early morning, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the Neutrality Monument – a majestic memorial complex and a symbol of grandiose achievements of the modern history of the Turkmen people.

President of Turkmenistan Attends a Flower-Laying Ceremony at the Monument of Neutrality

On December 12, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attended a solemn flower-laying ceremony at the Monument of Neutrality. Among those taking part in the ceremony were the Mejlis Chairperson, deputies to the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and agencies, deputies of the national parliament, representatives of public organizations, the mass media, and students.

The speech of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at International conference

Dear participants of International conference!Ladies and gentlemen! First of all, let me welcome you at the ceremonial session of International conference “Policy of neutrality and its significance in provision of universal peace, security and sustainable development”, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan. Let me express my gratitude for your participation in this forum, willingness to share your approaches, proposals and opinions on important subjects of its versatile agenda.

The word about Neutrality

Together with the Turkmen people, the world community is celebrating the International Day of Neutrality, included in the calendar of dates significant for all peoples of the world by the UN General Assembly on the initiative of Turkmenistan. This year the holiday is special: the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan is 25 years old. On this occasion, representatives of international organisations, diplomats, political scientists and famous public figures share their comments on the role and significance of the policy of positive neutrality in the modern world. They said their word about the neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan Presents Significant Achievements and a Potential for Cooperation

An International Exhibition Opens in Ashgabat, Marking the 25th Anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan An international exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of Turkmenistan has opened at the Expo Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

De­dicated to the an­niver­sa­ry da­te

Within the framework of the wide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, the chain of various events continues in the country and abroad. Another digest of round-table meetings, conferences and cultural events held abroad on the initiative of the diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan was compiled based on the materials of the website of the International Conference entitled “Policy of Neutrality and Its Role in Ensuring International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development”, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. Conferences. With the assistance of the Consulate of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation (Astrakhan) and the Agency for International Relations of the Astrakhan region, an online conference on the topic “The role of the positive neutrality of Turkmenistan in ensuring sustainable development of the transport and logistics sector in the Caspian region” was held. The event was attended by representatives of government agencies in the sphere of transport, business representatives, experts, teaching staff of higher educational establishments and also representatives of the media of Turkmenistan and the Astrakhan region. Within the framework of the event, two documents, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Regional Association of Ship Owners and Forwarders of the Astrakhan Regi