Strengthening the Health of the First-Grader

2 September 2022

The traditional bustle in the last days of August does not allow children and their parents to relax. Children are growing and now they have to go to school. Do we need to prepare for school and how to do it? This question inevitably arises before parents. The development of all physical qualities of the future first-grader suçh as agility, endurance, flexibility and speed require attention. Endurance is closely related to efficiency – a quality without which success in any activity is impossible. It is also necessary for our future student.

Very carefully you need to monitor the posture of the child. During classes, when playing games and at the table, do not forget to remind the child how to sit at the table correctly. Especially pay attention to the fact that the back of the child, when sitting, touches the back of the chair, and the forearms lie freely on the table. Daylight should fall on the left, then the shadow from the hand will not lie on the notebook. Put a table lamp on the left, the light should not be scattered – prepare a lamp, the power of the light bulb should be 40–60 watts. How to determine the most optimal distance from the eyes to a notebook or book? The fingertips of the child’s hand, when placed the arm on the elbow, should freely reach the temple – if these parameters are observed, visual fatigue will be minimal.

Head of the Children and Aadolescents’ Hygiene Department, State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the city of Ashgabat