Turkmenistan is a sports power

26 August 2022

To date, the Turkmen sport has reached a new level of development thanks to the sports policy implemented by the President of Turkmenistan. The national teams of our country achieved remarkable success in a short period. Thus, these results demonstrate the effective implementation of the sports policy put forward by the Turkmen leader.

As is known, the Turkmen athletes achieved historic results in a short period, including in an impressive number of victories at the large international events and at the sports games that bring together athletes from different countries. 23 medals at the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Konya, the Republic of Turkey, and excellent results of the Turkmen children at the 7th Children of Asia Games in Vladivostok, the Russian Federation, have become new stages for the development of the Turkmen sport. These results indicate that the national teams of Turkmenistan, as well as children and teenagers, make a worthy contribution to the development of the Turkmen sport. The good news from the world and regional events for the athletes of different ages provides new impetus to the confident steps of the masters who bring glory to our country, which is widely known as a sports power. Thus, these steps are linked to the fact that our Hero-Arkadag established the foundations of the sports policy and the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov effectively implements this policy. The Turkmen athletes receive generous gifts for their outstanding achievements and enjoy the high honour and respect given to the masters who bring glory to our Motherland.