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World beach sambo championships in israel: crowded stands and a chance for every athlete competitions

«7/24. tm», № 36 (119), 05.09. 2022 The World Beach SAMBO Championships were held on August 27-28 in the city of Bat Yam (Israel). Athletes from 15 countries took part in the tournament, held in individual and team competitions: Armenia, Belgium, Dominican Republic, France, Israel, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Moldova, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan, USA, Uzbekistan. In accordance with the decision of the FIAS Executive Committee, athletes from Russia competed under the flag of the International SAMBO Federation (FIAS).

Sport on the international arena

In the modern world, sports cooperation is regarded as an important humanitarian concept, considering its significant contribution to strengthening peace and friendship. This contribution can be explained by the fact that the venues for sports events become a meeting place for coaches, athletes and sports fans from different countries, a centre of friendship, inspiration and support. Following the principles of permanent neutrality, Turkmenistan expands its bilateral and multilateral cooperation with international organizations and countries in the field of sport. In particular, our country encourages cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport, the World Health Organization, the World Anti-Doping Agency, as well as the international and regional sports organizations.

President Serdar BERDIMUHAMEDOV: “Sport is a Source of Health and Harmony”

Honouring the Winners of International Tournaments Takes Place in Ashgabat On behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, a ceremony was held in the Turkmen capital to honour athletes who had won prizes in recent major international competitions – the 7th Children of Asia International Sports Games, held in the city of Vladivostok, Russian Federation, and the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in the city of Konya of the Republic of Türkiye.

Important Starts for Unarmed Self-Defence Sportsmen

Along with other sports, special attention in our country is paid to the development of martial arts. Great work is being done to train masters of unarmed self-defence and combat unarmed self-defence. This sport is on the list of international competitions planned to hold in our country. Unarmed self-defence (sambo) took a worthy place in the programme of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, held in the Turkmen capital in 2017. The competitions showed that this sport is of great interest both on the international arena and in our country. The achievements of the Turkmen unarmed self-defence sportsmen at the Asian Games-2017 became a triumph of the policy pursued by Turkmenistan in the field of sports.

Galkynysh Esports to Perform at the e-Sports World Championships

The national selection for the DOTA 2 discipline for the World e-Sports Championships, which will be held under the auspices of the International e-Sports Federation (IESF), has ended. In total, 21 Turkmen teams took part in the qualifying tournament. The four best gamers’ teams in the country met in the playoffs of the tournament to compete for the opportunity to represent Turkmenistan at the World e-Sports Championship. The first game of the semi-final was between AT Cybersport and Jelly Fish. AT Cybersport turned out to be head and shoulders stronger and left no chance for the opponents, winning with a score of 2:0.

In honour of Turkmen athletes

On August 31, 2022, a solemn ceremony in honour of the members of the Turkmenistan national team, who won the international tournaments, took place at the Sport Hotel in the Ashgabat Olympic Town. On behalf of President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov and the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Children in Need of Guardianship, the athletes, who upheld the honour of the country, received valuable gifts.

Сycling tournament ends in Ashgabat

«7/24. tm», № 35 (118), 29.08. 2022 The other day in Ashgabat, in the picturesque foothills of the Kopetdag, the championship of the country in cycling on the highway ended. The tournament was organized by the Cycling Federation and the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of our Turkmenistan.

Cameroonian sambists received state orders from the president of the country

«7/24. tm», № 35 (118), 29.08. 2022 The solemn honoring of the national Sambo team of Cameroon, as well as the National Sambo League, took place in Yaounde. The reason for the event was the successful holding of the African Championships in July this year, as well as the achievements of Cameroonian sambists in the international arena.

International Triumph of Our Athletes

The Turkmenistan national team made happy sports fans in our country with a great number of medals of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which were held in Konya, Türkiye. The Games illustrated the high level of the development of Turkmen sports. Our team ranked 12th in the standings of the Games, at which more than 4,000 athletes from 56 countries performed. The Turkmen athletes won 23 medals (4 gold, 6 silver and 13 bronze medals). It should be noted that the Turkmenistan national team won 13 medals (2 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals) at the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, which were held in Baku in 2017. This progress testifies to the successful sport policy, initiated by the Hero-Arkadag and worthily continued by Arkadagly Serdar. It was Ziyamuhammet Saparov (a bronze medal in the under 125 kg category of the freestyle wrestling tournament) and Yulduz Jumabayeva (weightlifting) who won the first medals for the Turkmenistan team. Yu. Jumabayeva is the medallist and record holder of the World Championships, which were held in the capital of Turkmenistan in 2018. Our compatriot, a coach at sports school 1 in Gurbansoltan eje etrap, Dashoguz velayat, performed in the under 49 kg category. She lifted 74 kg in the snatch, 93 kg in the clean and jerk and 167 kg in the combined event, which brought the talented athlete three bronze medals. Duygu Alici and Sazie Erdogan from Türkiye

Turkmenistan team successfully performs at 5th Islamic solidarity games

«7/24. tm», № 34 (117), 22.08. 2022 More than 4,000 athletes from 56 countries took part in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which were held in the Turkish city of Konya.

Turkmenistan football cup

«7/24. tm», № 34 (117), 22.08. 2022 The draw for the 29th edition of the Turkmenistan Football Cup took place in Ashgabat, the official website of the FFT reports.

Online broadcast of the World beach sambo championships to be held on the fias website

«7/24. tm», № 34 (117), 22.08. 2022 The World Beach SAMBO Championships will be held in the Israeli city of Bat Yam on August 27-28. Competitions will be held in 4 weight categories among men, in 4 weight categories among women, as well as in a team tournament. The general partner of the championship is Rosneft oil company. The online broadcast of the competitions will be held on the FIAS website.Schedule of the Online Broadcast of the World Beach SAMBO Championships in Bat Yam (Israel) 2022Saturday, August 2719:00 - PreliminariesMen: 58 kg, 71 kg, 88 kg, +88 kgWomen: 50 kg, 59 kg, 72 kg, +72 kg21:00 - Opening ceremony. Final bouts. Award ceremonySunday, August 2819:00 - Team competition. Preliminaries21:00 - Final fights. Award ceremony

Children of Asia – the Beginning of Victories

Young Turkmen athletes showed excellent results at the 7th Children of Asia International Games, which were held in Vladivostok. The Turkmenistan national team won 16 medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 11 bronze ones) at the magnificent sports festival. Our compatriots won 2 medals in the athletics tournament (a gold medal in the 3,000-metre run and a bronze medal in the 1,500-metre run) and a silver medal in the table tennis tournament. Wrestlers brought 13 more medals to the treasury of the Turkmenistan team. The Turkmen team took the tenth place in the team event. This is a great international success for the young athletes of our country in the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”.

Sport is the harbinger of peace

Turkmenistan strengthens and expands relations with the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, and specialized international sports associations. The entire world has witnessed that our Motherland demonstrates and proves the potential to hold large international sports events and confirms its commitment to the principles of the Olympic movement.

7th Children of Asia international sports games close

«7/24. tm», № 33 (116), 15.08. 2022 The Closing Ceremony of the 7th Children of Asia International Sports Games took place in Vladivostok.

Paralympic athletes of Turkmenistan are preparing for Paris 2024

«7/24. tm», № 33 (116), 15.08. 2022 The Turkmenistan para powerlifting championships took place in Ashgabat as part of the preparations for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

The origin of successful performances

The national championships in different sports provide an excellent opportunity to check the level of the athletes of the sports school 3 of the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy. The brilliant results of the young people indicate the successful work of their coaches. It should be noted that such results and the high level of young athletes are achieved thanks to the sports policy and the initiatives of our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Thus, the results of that positive policy are reflected in the achievements of our compatriots at the international sports events. As is known, the number of victories won by the Turkmen athletes at large sports festivals, which have been held since the beginning of May after the health-related break, is impressive. Achievements of our compatriots at the Asian Judo Cup (Almaty, Kazakhstan), at the U17 international Greco-Roman freestyle wrestling event (Bucharest, Romania), at the Asian Alysh Wrestling Championships (the Kyrgyz Republic), at the Asian Sambo Championships (Jounieh, the Republic of Lebanon), at the large weightlifting events, at the World Belt Wrestling Championships, and at the Silk Way Rally 2022 (the Russian Federation) are enough to prove the above-mentioned fact. The performances of our football team at the U23 the Asian Champion


Impressive work is underway to attract young people to sports in our beloved Motherland. In this context, competitions in different sports are of great importance in encouraging children to do sports. The work of the sports schools, which have ample opportunities to hold such competitions, increases the enthusiasm of children. On July 25 – 30, a Greco-Roman wrestling tournament ‘Hazar deňziniň duşuşyklary’ was held in Turkmenbashi. The athletes from the sports school 5 of the Ashgabat Main Department on Sports and Youth Policy, coached by A.Geldiyev and M.Soltanov, took part in the event. The young athletes performed successfully in their weight classes and repaid the trust of their coaches.

Awarding winners in Avaza

«7/24. tm», № 32 (115), 08.08. 2022 On August 3, 2022, a solemn ceremony in honour of the participants of the Silk Way Rally-Raid 2022 and the members of the national team who performed at the Youth and Junior Asian Weightlifting Championships took place in the Avaza national tourism zone.

Silver medals of the Turkmen volleyball players at the international event

The national volleyball team of Turkmenistan won the silver medals at the 2022 Central Asian Challenge Cup held in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Republic. 17 people represented the Turkmen team that participated in the international event. The delegation consisted of 14 athletes, a coach, a referee and a team leader. The competition between the national teams of the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was very close. Head-to-head matches revealed the opponents in the semi-finals. The national volleyball team of Turkmenistan defeated the national team of Kazakhstan 3:2 in the first match, and won the volleyball players from the Kyrgyz Republic in the second match – 3:2. Our compatriots defeated the national team of Uzbekistan 3:0 in the third match. These results brought the Turkmen team 7 points in 3 games. Thus, our national team topped the first round standing.