Medieval Glaze in Ceramics

10 March 2023

Medieval ceramic products found on the territory of Turkmenistan are a significant element of the intangible culture of our ancestors and are remarkable for their beauty and exquisiteness. Glazed ceramic products are of particular interest, the study of which showed that the Turkmen people brought this craft to the level of art in the Middle Ages.

We can say that the ornamental pattern that decorate the ceramic objects of that period is the result of the relationship between the perception of nature and the decorative depiction of reality. The rhythm of the composition plays an important role in the graphic design of the ornamental pattern. The arrangement and alternation of elements set the mood of the graphic drawing. Despite a certain stability of the forms and elements of the ornament that have passed through centuries, it changed, while the composition remained unchanged.

Mahrijemal BEKJAYEVA,
a senior research worker at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan
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