A Mas­ter­piece of Gol­den Fleece of Sa­ra­ja sheep

27 January 2023

From time immemorial Turkmen carpets and rugs have been considered an age-old attribute of weddings and other family celebrations. The birth of a child and a new carpet were joyful events. According to the tradition, the girl was laid on a new carpet, hoping that she would become a craftswoman in the future.

The breadwinner in the family was a man, but the keepers of the family hearth did not sit idly. The ancestors said, “Cattle will bring prosperity to a dzhigit, and a carpet to a girl”. So it was. Men were engaged in cattle breeding, while women were engaged in cooking and carpet weaving, which they taught their daughters from childhood.

Toi­jan BOR­JA­KOV,
NT. Pho­tos: Mer­dan ORA­ZOV
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