Independence Is the Unity of People and the Power of State

23 September 2022

The declaration of the state independence of Turkmenistan has become a historic event in the development of statehood and the legal system. The country entered the international arena as an independent, sovereign state, and on March 2, 1992, became a full member of the UN. During this short historical period, a wide range of political, legal, social and economic measures were taken to strengthen the statehood and to improve the wellbeing of the people.

State independence is the right of the people to determine their own future. This right also means the huge responsibility of the people and every citizen for the fate of their country and their future. The independence of Turkmenistan marked the beginning of a new historical era of ensuring human rights and freedoms, reviving and developing spiritual values, customs and traditions that ensure social cohesion.

Director at the Institute of State, Law and Democracy of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Law