Ready for new bright victories

5 August 2022

last Wednesday, the Avaza national tourism zone hosted a ceremony of awarding valuable gifts to athletes-winners of the Silk Way Rally-2022, which had started on July 7 in Astrakhan, and the Asian Weightlifting Championships among juniors and youth, held in Tashkent. The solemn action was held on the instructions of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. It took place in the building of sports games for 2,000 seats of the Avaza multifunctional sports complex. The significant event was attended by members of the organising committee for the award ceremony, representatives of interested ministries and departments, the Motor Sports and Weightlifting Federations of Turkmenistan, the sports community, youth and respected elders.

In the design of the vast area of the ultra-modern gym and the scenario embodiment of the idea of the organisers of the commemorative event, advanced multimedia technologies that combined into a single whole video images, accompanying text and the real action of the ceremony participants were used. The award ceremony was held against the background of two large-format monitors installed along the edges of the podium, on which the heroes of the day rose and received congratulations and gifts on behalf of Arkadagly Serdar.

Mikhail BOBKIN,
NT. Photo: Andrey PAKULOV
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