When summer passes the equator

29 July 2022

The longest, summer, school holidays continue, which, having crossed the equator line, still involve schoolchildren from different regions of our country in a circle of exciting joint pastime. Shift after shift, all children’s recreation centres located at the foothills of Geokdere and in all velayats work in an active mode.

Now the third recreation season is coming to an end. And upon its completion, after a few days, children’s health centres will again be filled with the hubbub of joyful voices of young vacationers. According to the established tradition, many of them, preferring to relax in children’s health centres in the company of peers and friends, spend their holidays there most if not all summer shifts. The children really like the conditions of comfortable living in buildings resembling ultra-modern hotels and all kinds of clubs and sections designed for different age groups of schoolchildren. And of course, the most popular and favourite among them are events of a competitive format, participation in which makes it possible to identify and sharpen the multifaceted potential of versatile talents and capabilities of children.

Photo: Ahmed TURSHEKOV
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