Inhabitants of the Mountain Ranges

22 July 2022

The Balhan Mountains, as old as the world, sung by Bayram Shahir in his poems, are the unique mountains of the sacred Turkmen land. Their peak – Mount Arlan, shrouded in snow and grey fog, rises at an altitude of 1,881 metres above sea level. The zodiac constellation Capricorn that looks like the horned inhabitants of the mountains flashes above it at night.

The artiodactyls from the hollow-horned ruminants, including bezoar ibex that adapted well to the natural and climatic conditions of the mountains settled in those places long time ago. Their habitat is hard-to-reach mountain ranges and deep gorges, where the rays of the sun do not penetrate and people rarely set their foot.

Ovlyakuli KURBANOV,
Chairman of the Balkan Velayat Department, Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan
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