How to Prepare for Summer Holidays at the Children’s Recreation Centre

10 June 2022

The main purpose of the Children’s Recreation Centre is communication, recreation and development. There, children are engaged in creativity: they sing, draw, dance, stage performances and broaden their outlook. Educators help develop a sense of beauty and a desire for joint creative work. They can also meet the needs of children in gaming activities. The centre hosts outdoor educational games, quizzes, sporting events (traditional morning exercises, swimming in the pool, hiking, among others).

Parents who are willing to send their children to the centre to spend their vacation need not only to provide them with the necessary everyday things, but also to explain the rules of behaviour indoors and outdoors: at sea, on a hike and in an amusement park. In addition, they need to remind about the current rules of personal and public hygiene (not to forget to brush their teeth, wash their hands before eating, or at least dry their hands thoroughly with wet wipes, wash fruit and berries, drink bottled water, take a shower after the sea and others), inform about safety rules in the heat (wear a cap, light clothing, not to stay in the sun for a long time) and talk about caution when contacting with unfamiliar plants and insects.

Information Centre of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan
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